Sunday, October 6, 2013

Barn and Trees 
charcoal on toned paper  24" x 28"  

    Someone wrote "Drawing is the probity of art" - and I suppose that is most true when one is searching for what it is that matters - what is important. This is because drawing forces one to confront humankind's most basic impulse, capturing and making a record of one's fleeting understanding a small piece of the world. It is what the earliest cave drawings are all about and what any contemporary mark-making is also about. Because 'probity' is about truth and actuality as far as one can take it - and one's limitations in that direction are the core of one's being. We are our limitations as evidenced in our work - that is our true self and that is OK.  As long as we keep pushing at that boundary in terms of learning and knowing and taking joy in the effort, finding our limits is a wondrous thing and at the very  heart of drawing.