Friday, August 31, 2012

Along The Shore
 oil on panel  9" x 20"
"I can think of no greater happiness than to be clear-sighted and know the miracle when it happens." Robert Henri
This artist/painter and his book, 'The Art Spirit', has been a guiding light for me for many years. I believe the book was put together by his students after he passed - it is a treasure!
Sometimes when painting the miracle seems rather evasive - at those times one must have a little faith, stop pursuing the 'Art' - and disappear into the process. That is when the happiness returns and the miracles have a chance!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Dirt Path, Maine
 oil on linen 16" x 20"

"I am just beginning to understand what it is to paint. 
A painter should have two lives, one in which to learn, 
and one in which to practice his art."    
                                                                         Pierre Bonnard
Exactly!  This one is from the Moosehorn National Wildlife Refuge near Calais, Maine.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Rowing In / Lake Inlet
 oil on linen 9" x 12"
"I do not care for the subject. What I care for is what happens between me and the subject."
Claude Monet
Some paintings' subjects are just sitting there, waiting for one to see what is before them. The danger is to be completely seduced by the place, by the thing-ness about the place, to the point of simply copying or illustrating the thing. The key to avoiding artless illustration or cliched imitation is in trying to be attuned to the expressive poetry of the place, the space, the quality of light. Often this can be accessed by imagining a painting strategy based on one's expressive intent - the strategy helps to focus on the poetry - the essence of what is happening between the artist and the subject. (Guess that guy Monet knew something!)

Monday, August 13, 2012

Maine Day 1
 oil on linen  8" x 10"

Maine Day 2 
 oil on linen  9" x 12"

OK, on these two linen panels I'm beginning to get a handle on what I'm after - searching out some kind visual form amongst the awe - filled chaos. Visual form is a term that can be substituted with meaning or understanding or even beauty - all dangerously misinterpreted and variable. What I suppose any art form is after is some small statement of the truth, truth based on the difficult task of seeing /finding the essence of being alive at that moment, in that place. Any method, style or persona can work when tempered by deep engagement withe process. Sound like mumbo-jumbo? Probably shouldn't allow yourself to be here reading - for the rest of the visitors, however, I'd welcome your reactions. Enjoy!